A fabulous Japanese encounter and growing formations.

The Lothringer13 Halle offers room for community, secret and lively paraphrases this summer. New, expansive installations emerge and open up fragile, bulky and enigmatic universes.

“Roofrabbits” meow mournful love songs, coyotes watch the planets, bears in thick sweaters pose and stones ponder the meaning of form, gravity and balance. So much for the theory. In practice, everything settles down when Martin Fengel from Munich and Tomoya Kato from Kyoto spread their latest works. Parallel realities, shared places and subtitled dialogues.

Tomoya’s studio is above his brother’s vegan restaurant. The Kato House bears the 3 words, or signs for Light – Rabbit – Roof. That’s where Martin Fengel stood recently, looking at the green hills of Kyoto and still enchanted by the taste of fresh peas. These circular peas whose unpurred form is the symbol of serenity. Impressive peace of mind of circles, points, dumplings or orbits. Tomoya connected Munich with white sausages and seemed nervous since he had realized the spaciousness of the Lothringer13 hall. Would the beings lose their orientation? What are the relationships, what are the dimensions, how far does the concept go?

In the sky, a delicate sickle indicated the upcoming crescent. Its shape is receptive to Japanese Buddhism. A shadowed satellite as a symbol of an empty cup. The head is also a vessel. Or an island full of dead rabbits and full of pictures that explain themselves to them. In translation, to think in a different way, they make significant sense. Wonderful events and subtle, moving thoughts accompany us this summer. Follow us and wonder with us.

A framework program in the 3 months reminiscent of the chocolate cake in the Kousagisha and other ecstasies. Information will follow shortly.