The information on this website documents the entire program of the Lothringer13 Halle from June 2014 to January 2020 as an archive.

Lothringer13 Halle is an institution for international, contemporary art, funded by the city of Munich. In changing group exhibitions about social topics and discourses, works by emerging as well as established artists are brought into a dialogue and elaborated in a dense framework program.

Founded in 1980 as an artist-run space in a former factory hall, the changing curatorial system of Lothringer13 has since developed new formats and particularly supported young artists and their conditions of production.
Since July 2014 Lothringer13 Halle extends to the Rroom in the front building, running a regular program of events and offering a selection of publications accompanying the current show.

Director and curator until january 2020 was Jörg Koopmann and his team. As advisor, co-curator and international investigator we had Lene Harbo Pedersen. Registrar, Office and Octopus were designer/curator Tanja Seiner until 2017, followed by the artist Rita Hensen.

2014 to 2016 the Lothringer13Halle program was curated by the duo Jörg Koopmann/Dana Weschke.

All designs since 2014-2019 were created by the design team Grundler/Mayfried in Munich.

Three signs at the front-facade were recreated in summer 2014 and show a work by Hamburg-based artist Stefan Marx. “I wait here for you forever / as long as it takes ”

A list of all artists at Lothringer13 from 2014-2019 under the direction of Jörg Koopmann and his team

Also to be found on site is Lothringer13_Florida, an independent collective.
links to previous Lothringer13 years:
Archive 2006–2010 under the direction of Uli Aigner
Archive 2010–2014 under the direction of Felix Ruhöfer

<p>Welcome to the jungle</p>

Welcome to the jungle

<p>We are OPEN</p>

We are OPEN

<p>Olof Olsson taking a break at Lothringer11</p>

Olof Olsson taking a break at Lothringer11

<p>As with all bright constellations, 2016</p>

As with all bright constellations, 2016

<p>Die Insel der Dachhasen, 2018</p>

Die Insel der Dachhasen, 2018

<p>The yard during Fotodoks, October 2017, photo: L.H. Pedersen</p>

The yard during Fotodoks, October 2017, photo: L.H. Pedersen

<p>Yard party 2017</p>

Yard party 2017