Rroom Kiosk Books Bar

The Rroom in the front building is currently closed due to construction work! We will announce the date of the reopening soon.

What we call Rroom at Lothringer13 Halle, is a café, book store and a  place to read, research and browse all at the same time right at the front of the Lothringer13 premises. As an art space funded by the city of Munich, the Rroom is a non-profit-institution, and therefore coffee and drinks are low priced and books for sale on a commission basis. The big selection of art and culture magazines – hardly found elsewhere in Munich – are available to read for every visitor.

The special range of books is focused on a few categories: the presentation of publications made in Munich and local self publishing projects, books on our current or past shows at Lothringer13 Halle and a personal selection by the curators.

As an event space it combines different disciplines and formats and enables the dialogue of near and remote topics. During the day, the Rroom is meeting point as well as a source of information for culture in Munich, and allows research and  discovery (analogue as well as digital with free high speed WIFI) and offers space for concentration or distraction.

On irregular occasions, Lothringer13 Halle invites different creatives from theory and practise for our Rromondays. Our guests present in screenings, performances, talks or readings a special part from their latest work or current topics.

The interior design was made by Charlotte Talbot and Jonathan Mauloubier.

Magazines to read in the Rroom (2014 – 2019):
Art Review
Bauhaus Magazin
Das Buch als Magazin
Die T-Seitung für Kinder
Die Gazette
Heather Christle
POP. Kultur und Kritik
Spike Art Quarterly
Texte zur Kunst
The Gentlewoman
The New Yorker
Traumnovelle – Das Buch als Magazin

Book recommendation

Out of Subsurdum

A Rroom-discovery: “Out of subsurdum” documents, among others, the ongoing project “Moon Goose Colony” by artist Agens Meyer-Brandis. On a country estate in the Italian Abruzzo Region she raised eleven geese, that live there in a “Moon Goose Analogue” – a moon simulation for training and testing purposes. The geese have their own control room and carry out experiments. Their first “manned” flight to the moon is planned for 2033.
The book was published by Verlag der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln and edited by Heike Ander.

<p>ein Mondspaziergang</p>

ein Mondspaziergang

<p>Hall of Fame, Portraits der Mondgänse im Alter von 11 Tagen</p>

Hall of Fame, Portraits der Mondgänse im Alter von 11 Tagen

<p>Der Kontrollraum</p>

Der Kontrollraum

<p>Der Eingang des Mondganshabitats</p>

Der Eingang des Mondganshabitats


Book recommendation

The Audiovisual Breakthrough

Last year, Cornelia and Holger Lund talked about contemporary tendencies in African music video production at the Rroomonday at Lothringer13.
Together with artist Ana Carvalho, art and media theorist Cornelia Lund has now edited a book that puts forth and elaborates the definitions of visual music, expanded cinema, live cinema, VJing and live audiovisual performance by bringing together six international researchers in the field of contemporary audiovisual production. The book design takes up the topics addressed by the texts by referring to cinematic and musical elements. It is only available in very few, selected bookshops!

<p>Exclusively available at Rroom:</p>

Exclusively available at Rroom:

<p>The Audiovisual Breakthrough</p>

The Audiovisual Breakthrough

<p>Design: Eva-Maria Offermann</p>

Design: Eva-Maria Offermann

<p>Editors: Cornelia Lund & Ana Carvalho</p>

Editors: Cornelia Lund & Ana Carvalho


Book recommendation


PURRRRR….a pet can now have its own tableware, clothing, jewelry, furniture and toiletries that are forever adapting to the fashionable trends of homo sapiens. But how far should the adaptation of animals to the world of humans be pushed – and how can the man-made environment adapt itself towards the needs of their pets? The exhibition PET MARKET (June ’15, Berlin) posed the question what living conditions we provide for us and our fellow creatures. The work of 21 designers and artists, ranging from practical design solutions to humorous and mind-stimulating exhibits and even pet-alternatives are now documented in this publication. Recommended!

<p>Pet Market Opening</p>

Pet Market Opening

<p>Die Publikation enthält zahlreiche Abbildungen…</p>

Die Publikation enthält zahlreiche Abbildungen…

<p>und u. a. Texte von Volker Albus, …</p>

und u. a. Texte von Volker Albus, …

<p>…Marvin Altner und Tanja Seiner</p>

…Marvin Altner und Tanja Seiner


Book recommendation

German for Artists

Ein neues Buch ist im Raum
A new book is in the Rroom
Der Raum heisst Rroom
The room is called Rroom
Das Buch ist nur in dem Rroom zu finden
The book is exclusive in the Rroom
Das Buch ist von Stine Marie Jacobsen
The Book is by Stine Marie Jacobsen
Der Name der Autorin klingt dänisch
The authors name sounds danish
Wir möchten das Buch der Stine Maria Jacobsen empfehlen
We would like to recommend the book of Stine Marie Jacobsen

Book recommendation


Anne Morgensterns latest series LAND OHNE MITTE is part of the Fotodoks exhibition in Munichs Stadtmuseum until mid January.
In our Lothringer Rroom Bookshop we probably are the only ones in munich that have copys of this hardcore softcover book and are happy to hear that just last week this publication received the German Photobookprice 2016 in Silver. Come by and browse.

Book recommendation

Magic MushRroom

Perfect season.Fresh in the Rroom you can catch Jason Fulfords: The Mushroom Collector.
the complete smaller paperback version of the out of print original Hardcover book is now available and a warmest recommendation, not only for collectors.
Very affordable and more than healthy. Only two copys left in the Rroom.
Publisher: The Soon Institute.