The book speakers’ corner 2 & auction & Fotodoks curators tour & final piece of cake

11/24/19 / 2:00 pm

2 pm: The book speakers’ corner 2 and art-book-auction

4.30 pm: Curators tour with the team FOTODOKS

followed by coffee and cake in the Lothringer13 Rroom


We cheer and finish Photodoks 2019 with special events for the finissage:

As in the previous year, we present a wide selection of book titles from the shelves of our Rroom art bookstore in the Halle. And every visitor can choose a book specifically or spontaneously and take it almost unconditionally for free !! The only condition is also an invitation: step with the book of choice to the microphone of the book-speakers’-corner and tell the audience something about this book or its topic for six minutes. Then you may take the book as a lecture fee!

The first round of 2018 of this arrangement was an entertaining and enjoyable experience for all present. On 24.11. There are again 13 short opportunities to get a book so easy!

Afterwards Jörg Koopmann acts as an auctioneer on the microphone to hammer a big stack of wonderful art books through a highspeed auction! Until 16:30 we wonder: How Much Book Would a BookChuck Chuck?

Preview of all selected books and microphone-reservation from 1.30pm

At 4:30 pm starts the last tour of the Fotodoks exhibition vis-à-vis, with the unique opportunity to speak with the entire curators team of Fotodoks about the 15 projects in the Halle. Later we proceed in the Rroom, this time there are baking books or already cakes to the cafe.

PS: R(eading)room and R(eating)room: Some of our fine art books are exclusively to be found in Munich, like artistbooks, selfpublished and small magazines, special vinyl records and some out-of-the-box rarities are in the range of Lothringer13 Rroom. There is much to discover and a lot to tell. The proceeds from book sales on 24th November go 1: 1 into the exhibition budget of the last exhibition that starts 12.December in Halle and Nest. Come and support yourself, support Lothringer13 and the artists.