Vernissage Fotodoks Festival 2019

10/16/19 / 18h / 6pm

The biennal Photofestival Fotodoks is located for the second time at Lothringer13.

The opening will start at 6:00pm with welcoming words by Sabine Krieger of the city council Munich and Jörg Koopmann, artistic director of Lothringer13 Halle.

Most of the exhibiting artists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France will be present and a lively get together…

10 trials and no more reels – in the NEST

10/09/19 / 19:30h / 7:30pm

10 trials and no more reels is a series of performances by Sebastian Hirn that lifts the common genre boundaries between music, dance, theater and visual arts.

A shrimp cutter was cut into pieces with chainsaws. Then the parts were put together again in an old swimming pool in Munich. The space was used for…


10/05/19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm

We look forward to special guests from Chicago and Dusseldorf

SAM PREKOP / JOHN McENTIRE (The Sea and Cake / Chicago)

Just a few years ago, John McEntire and Sam Prekop, in addition to their longstanding and legendary activities with The Sea and Cake, Tortoise or the Soma Studio in Chicago, have begun a new…

Exhibition-Tour with curator Lene Harbo Pedersen

09/19/19 / 18h / 6pm

For the last weekend of -double trouble, double grins, is it so with twins- the danish curator (and twin) Lene Harbo Pedersen is back in Munich and will provide a deep long insight into the process and ideas about this beutiful exhibition. Join in and experience the 21 works and use tha chance to hear…

L’autre moi – a reflection on Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore

07/01/19 / 20h / 8pm

Artist talk \ Dialogue \ Q&A

The danish writer Kristina Stoltz has been invited to participate into the exhibition at Lothringer13 Halle and we have the wonderful opportunity to welcome her in Munich.

As a specialist into Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore’s biography and work, she just published a book, that is written after yearlong…

Vernissage mit Masayoshi Fujita Konzert

06/29/19 / 18h / 6pm

Feierlicher Start für die Ausstellung:

double trouble \ double grins \ is it so with \ twins

After the opening speeches by City Councilor Marian Offman and the curator Lene Harbo Pedersen, we look forward to a special guest and his finely spread vibrations in the hall: the vibraphonist and composer Masayoshi Fujita plays two…

Dosis 07 _ Die endlos lange Atom-Film-Nacht

06/06/19 / 22h / 10p.m.

Als dezentes Finale um ins letzte Wochende der Ausstellung zu leiten, bieten wir allen Filmfans, Nachtaktivisten, Schlaflosen, Partymuffeln und Grenzwert-Neugierigen einen ausführlichen Blick in unsere aktuelle Atom-Film-Sammlung.

Ab 22 Uhr am Freitag 7. Juni bis zum Sonnenaufgang um 5:15 am Samstag 8. Juni kann man parallel drei Filmprogramme verfolgen.

Nüchterne Dokus, Atom Horror, Klassiker und Fundstücke, facts…

Nigel Shafran, Nigel Shafran, Nigel Shafran

03/11/19 / 20:00h

Artist Talk / Q&A

On the occasion of his series “Supermarket checkouts” in the Jahresausgaben show, we welcome Nigel Shafran for the first time in Munich in the Lothringer13 to a lecture and discussion.

Shafran (’64) is one of the UK’s most notable contemporary photographers.

“Nigel Shafran’s observation-led photography began to influence the scope of…


03/07/19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm

For the launch of Stefan Burgers latest book, the Rroom changes into a Bar, with five roman bouquets and selected Scarlatti-Sonata

The photographic work Stefan Burger made for his 2017 exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bern stems from his ongoing interest in the allure of botanical objects. An astonishing depth is evident…

Launch, Readings and some Tea: AWC ISSUE 5

03/02/19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm

Mit Alina Kolar, Paul Sochacki & María Inés Plaza Lazo.
SUNDAY im Rroom der Lothringer13_HalleIm Rahmen der Ausstellung Jahresausgaben \ Ne travaillez assez, ne comptez jamais
Bis 17. März 2019

Politische, umweltbedingte, technokratische und geschlechtsfeudale Formen von Verschmutzung stehen im Mittelpunkt der fünften Ausgabe von „Arts of the…