Spielart im Nest: Mats Staub

26.10.19 / 16:00 – 21:30

Mats Staub:

death and birth in my life

26.10 – 8.11.2019


In his video project, Mats Staub explores the existential boundary and transition experiences of life: being born, dying, the beginning and end of life. He approaches these universal events via individual stories from different parts of the world. He brought together people in, for example, Germany, England and South Africa and filmed them talking about birth and death. In the video installation, two screens show both conversation partners simultaneously, which means they can be observed both speaking and listening.

There are three talk combinations to choose from:

A: Rania & Carsten (Hannover); Erika & Charlotte (Frankfurt) – language: German
B: Ahmed & Basso (Basel); Sharon & Hlengiwe (Johannesburg) – languages: German, English with German subtitles
C: Donna & Cath (Manchester); Dominique & Smangele (Johannesburg) – language: English with German subtitles

Mats Staub will be recording more conversations about Death and Birth in Munich. For more information send an email to info@spielmotor.de.

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